Beauty Tips – removing stubborn nail polish


Tis the season where we all like to apply the bright coloured glittery nail polishes ready for the Xmas parties however it’s only when you want to remove it that you realise its not budging for love nor money!

The polishes that contain high amounts of glitter are usually little bits of coloured foil, therefore after a couple of coats you effectively have a metal coating over the nail bed. It can be tempting to pick at the polish and try to remove it chip by chip but in doing this you can damage your nails and make them peel.

Stronger nail polish remover can be brought but again this harsh chemical can weaken the nail underneath and are not advised for regular use.

So my top tip for removing this stubborn polish is to take an old polish (or one you’re not so keen on) and apply a generous coat of it all over the existing polish, leave on for 10-15 seconds then with a cotton pad soaked in your usually polish-remover simply wipe over the nail and all of the polish will come off together.

For an extremely stubborn polish you could place a soaked cotton pad onto the nail then wrap the tip of the finger in foil and leave for 5 minutes, after this time simple wipe over the nail and the polish will come easily off.