Cleaning your skin

When it comes to skin it is worth looking after it, after all it will last you your entire lifetime and although skin does rejuvenate some damage is long lasting or permanent. Cleaning your skin is a vital part of maintaining it especially if you wear a lot of makeup or work in an industry where you are constantly getting dirty or sweaty. Dirty skin will cause your pores to clog up and can very quickly cause spots.

When removing your make up or cleaning your skin at night you need to find the right products for your skin type. If your skin is naturally greasy then you will need to look for a product that will dry it out where as if your skin is dry you will need a good quality moisturiser.

Often cleansers are good at removing dirty and clearing pore that’s soap may not do. Many people follow the wash, cleanse, tone and moisturise routine that has been recommended for years.