DIY facial for blemish-prone skin


If you find that you often get breakouts on your skin you may notice that going into the summer months your skin is ten times worse. This can be down to increased sebum (oil) production due to the heat and it can be down to the use of greasy products such as sun creams and tanning lotions.

However worry not as a good DIY facial will help to banish those blemishes and won’t cost you the earth!

First start by cleansing your skin with warm water and a good face wash liquid, the use an exfoliator on the face in gentle circles, concentrating on congested areas put not applying much pressure.

Then gently steam the skin by filling the sink with very hot water and placing your face over the steam whilst draping a towel over your head to ensure the steam doesn’t escape.

Next gentle extract any spots by covering your fingers in tissue and squeezing (gently!) either side of the blemish.

Then place a thick clay style mask all over the skin to draw out any remaining impurities and after 15 minutes wash off and moisturise with a light non-greasy moisturiser.