Eyelash and eyebrow tints only for the summer?

So the summer is officially over, the open toe shoes are packed up and the micro mini-skirts are tucked away behind the cosy winter jumpers. This time of year it’s not only our wardrobe that changes but also the types of beauty treatments we opt for. Treatments such as pedicures and waxing tend to drop down on the priority list during the winter along with holiday prep treatments such as lash and brow tinting.

However the latter does not have to be exclusive to the summer months, yes lash and brow tints are fab for the beach and going in the pool without the risk of panda eyes but they also have their place on the cold blustery days of autumn and winter.

With our cold wet weather what could be better than not having to worry about mascara streaked cheeks after the commute to work or a night out that doesn’t end with eye make-up all over the pillow! Not only does tinting look fab all year round but it’s also a great way to save time on those cold winter mornings not doing make-up and staying snuggled up in bed for those extra ten minutes!