Hair removal, what’s the options?

The world of hair removal can be a confusing place not to mention pricey and somewhat painful. So what are the options? Well that depends on the type of hair growth and the area being treated.

A short term DIY approach such as tweezing may be suitable for areas such as eyebrows or chin but would not be practical for larger areas or areas where you’d want more long term removal.

Laser treatments or IPL treatments offer a more long term solution however they are not suitable for all areas (not for eyebrows) and are not very effective on light hairs or very dark skin. These methods are described as permanent hair reduction as they are NOT proven to permanently remove the hairs. So can be costly for a result that cannot be guaranteed.

Waxing offers a mid-term solution, generally 6-8 weeks and although it can be painful is a fairly cheap effective method that can be used on most areas and all hair types. It’s always worth discussing hair removal methods with your beauty therapist to find the most suitable option for you to get the optimum result.