Hair – to extend or not to extend that is the question

You only have to flick through any current fashion mag and you’ll see pages of beautiful models with long tousled locks, how do they get their hair like that, so long and healthy looking?? image

I like most women go to my hairdresser and say the line that I’m sure they are immune to ‘None of the length please’ and before you know it you leave with a bob!

The answer is extensions, it takes years and years to grow hair that length and some people’s hair will just break off at that length and look lank with masses of split ends.

However extensions do come with their own set of problems, firstly the hair you source should be ethical and by this I mean hair that has willingly been donated for a reasonable price. Secondly you have to decide the method of attaching them, you can have them weaved into your existing hair, glued in at the root or fixed in with small clips.

The problem is with all of these methods is that the added weight and pressure of the extensions can actually make your own hair fall out so my advice would be get extensions by all means but buy the sort you clip in and out yourself to save you the heartache of bald patches and damaged hair.