How to avoid sore, chapped, winter lips

Winter and the cold windy conditions can play havoc with your skin, the wind, rain and differing temperatures can leave your skin dry, dehydrated and lack lustre. And the most commonly effected area? The lips.

During the winter months the skin around the lips can become dry and chapped resulting in the skin actually splitting and bleeding. This condition not only looks less than desirable but can also be extremely sore!

Avoiding this is by far the best course of action and the first place to start is during your morning teeth brushing.

Take your tooth brush (whilst it’s still dry) and gently brush over your lips in circular motions to exfoliate and remove any dead skin cells. Then use a moisturising lip balm, ideally one that does not contain colours or perfumes, and apply to the lips and the surrounding skin.

Ensure that when you go out in the cold that you always wear a good protective lip balm that has sunscreen in as sun damage can occur even during winter months.