How to get rid of those brassy tones

If you are someone that likes your hair to be a cool blonde shade as opposed to a warmer blonde then you may struggle to keep it looking how you want between hair salon visits. When the hair is bleached it goes through a red stage, which needs to be stripped out. If you have red hair in the family then the chances are you have quite a bit of this tone in your hair. When the bleach is put on the hairdresser should only use the minimum strength they need to, to achieve the blonde colour and sometimes afterwards you may be left with a rather warm blonde not the ash colour you desired.
On the colour wheel, Purple is opposite red, so if you add purple to your hair it should counteract the red tones. Putting a purple colour on freshly bleached hair will result in a very vibrate purple so you need to do it gradually to achieve the desired effect.
There are some fantastic purple shampoos on the market that can help reduce yellow and brassy tones and give you more of a white blonde look. Used over time they will build up to change the colour of the hair. If you are after a stronger product then a toner may be the answer but these do usual wash out after 2-4 weeks.