How to get that look

Often we look through magazines and see images of models or celebrities and want that look. It may be the clothes they wear or maybe how they are wearing their hair or make up. If it is a particular make up technique that you like, for example, smoky eyes then YouTube has some fantastic videos that can help you recreate the look.

A simple search on Google will show up a number of video tutorials with people showing you a step by step guide on how to apply the make up in the correct way to achieve the end results.

Sometimes you won’t be able to watch the video and apply the make up at the same time so it may be worth watching it a few times or even asking a friend to help you.

Beauty tips are widely available and if you have the time you could pop in to your local Boots where they often have counters set up where you can have a makeup artist apply different products to you and who will advise you on what best matches your skin tones.