Is the Anorak coming back in to fashion?

Anoraks are not the first item of clothing that normally comes to mind when you hear the word fashion, but that is all set to change. The rubbery, waxy coats that often make you feel a little bit sweaty are set to hit the high street shops in the next couple of weeks. Fashion designers, such as Stella McCartney, have started featuring Anoraks in their collections on the cat walk this week and other designers are following suit.

Although you may think of Anoraks as ugly and something your grandad may wear, the ones that have been appearing recently in the fashion world are far from it and very trendy.

There has been a call for practical fashion recently and this definitely fits the bill. People like to look fashionable but also want to ensure that they are protected from the sun and rain.

We have seen many once fashion disaster statements turn in to the next biggest thing such as the polo neck, maybe the Anorak is the next one to make a great come back.