Semi Permanent make-up

makeup-brushes-824705_640Semi-permanent make-up is becoming more and more popular with areas such as lips, eyes and eyebrows being offered by salons and clinics around the country.

The idea of the treatment is to give the effect of make-up that does not need to be re-applied or removed. It’s achieved by tattooing the area into the dermal skin layer with a long lasting pigment sometimes called micropigmantation.

The pigment that is used has been approved by the FDA for safe use provided the practitioner you use follows the correct procedures. Before choosing a practitioner always research the clinic and where possible go on personal recommendation where you can see the work that’s previously been done.

The treatment is classed as semi-permanent as it does fade after time so to achieve a permanent result you may have to repeat the treatment every few years.   The pigment reacts differently on every person so results can vary and fading is not guaranteed therefore before deciding on the treatment make sure that you are confident that you’ll be happy with the outcome.