Taking the Right Beauty Products with you on Holiday

When you are on holiday, you are going to have limited amounts of space for those everyday essentials. It’s important that you prioritise when it comes to your makeup – choose the products that will work best during your trip. Here are some ideas about the best kinds of makeup to take with you:

  • Tinted moisturiser. Foundation will be the wrong colour within a few days once your face has tanned. Choose a light tinted moisturiser that will look less streaky and less obvious.
  • Even if you wear no other makeup, blusher is the perfect way to give your skin a beautiful healthy glow.
  • Making your eyelashes darker will give your face a certain definition and will make you look less washed out in the sun whilst wearing no other types of makeup.
  • Apply this underneath your eyes and across your cheekbones to make you look more awake and more fresh faced.