The cost of cheap acrylic nails

New nail bars and salons offering nail enhancement treatments are popping up every day and with so much competition around it’s worth shopping around to get a good deal.

Unfortunately some of the nail bars that draw a lot of custom for being so cheap are actually providing treatments that are causing people to have adverse reactions to the treatments.8ac8fc3aae99879dbe6137a164e164e0

In some cases it’s been apparent that tools have not been sterilised between clients and therefore infections have been transferred onto otherwise healthy nails, these infections can be very serious and can cause the natural nail to fall off and any regrown nails to be deformed.

Other problems have been highlighted by the quality of the acrylics that these companies are using, they can offer cheap treatments as their products are sub-standard and can cause quite severe allergic reactions.

When looking to visit a new salon it’s always worth checking out the reviews and looking at the prices realistically, if the prices seem too good to be true then it could be an indication of low quality treatments and could be one to avoid.