The perfect nail polish

Over the years I must have spent hundreds (if not thousands!!) of pounds on nail treatments and varnishes in the plight to find the perfect polish. From brands claiming a chip-free result for 7 days to some claiming to encourage nail growth, promoting the actual health of the nails, I have brought them all, and I can honestly say that most certainly do not do what they say on the tin!

So after trying different brands and comparing cheap basic ranges to ‘professional’ polishes I came to the conclusion that the main thing that contributes to a good even long lasting polish is a good base coat and a good glossy top coat, with these two things even a cheaper polish can last just as long as a premium brand. However even following this technique does not give long term chip free nails, especially if like me you have housework and washing to do on a daily basis.

The only way to get super shiny long lasting colour, in my opinion, is to save the pennies on not buying numerous promise-the-world polishes and instead spend that little bit more and treat yourself to a salon polish such as Shellac.