Tips and advice for plucking eyebrows

There seems to be no definitive answer about the purpose of eyebrows – it is thought that they perhaps act as a deterrent to stop things from the forehead getting into the eyes, such as sweat and water, but also that they are necessary for communication. Regardless, a lot of people consider them a bit of a nuisance as they tend to have stray hairs, gaps and an awkward shape and so many people spend a lot of time trying to ‘fix’ their eyebrows.

Shaping eyebrows can be done a number of ways, including basic plucking with tweezers and threading using twisted cotton thread. There are other methods too, but these are two of the easiest that can be carried out at home.

It is easier to pull hairs straight after a warm shower as the hairs are softer and the follicles open, allowing them to be plucked with less pain. Certain times of the month may be more painful for women too, so numbing gels may be worth a try. Remember that the plucked area is likely to be red and perhaps swollen for a while, so it is best to carry out this beauty chore when you have a couple of hours to spend at home waiting for the colour to return to normal.

When it comes to the shape of your eyebrows, it is important to follow the natural arch and be careful not to over-pluck them, otherwise, you could be left with a slightly bizarre expression. It can take time to work out exactly which hairs to take, but the practice will all help in the long run.