Top tips for using Velcro rollers


If you are looking for big bouncy curls and have mid length to long hair then Velcro rollers could be for you!

Having tried many different ways of achieving this look I have a few tips that will make using these rollers easier and achieve the optimum result:-

Always secure the rollers with bobby pins or section clips, these rollers do claim to be self-gripping but I have never managed to get them to stay in without a clip to secure them.

Use the rollers on dry hair, preferably not just washed hair as the curl will take better.

Use a large barrel curling tong first then wrap the hair around the roller to add volume whilst the hair cools.

After use try to pull off any stray hairs that are stuck round the roller and wash the rollers in warm soapy water after a few uses leaving them to dry on a towel.