Winter-proof your hair

Cold blustery days, wet windy weather, it’s hardly surprising that winter is not the best time for our locks to shine! So what can we do to combat the winter frizz without making our hair look like it’s glued to our head with sticky serums or waxes?

Like most things you need a good foundation to start with so always use a good shampoo that offers protection to the hair from heat styling, be aware that some shampoos coat the hair so can be unsuitable for fine flat hair.

Then you need a good daily conditioner to replenish the moisture that gets sucked out of the hair going from central heated homes and offices into the cold wet outdoors and back again.

A good conditioner can also be used once or twice a week as a hair mask, plaster all over from root to tip then put on a shower cap and relax in the bath or for very dry hair leave in overnight and shower off in the morning. Then once styled apply a light oil based serum (only a couple of drops!) warming in your hands first for a good even application, then you’re ready to swish your glossy locks whatever the weather.